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Chinese Aunties - Pose Breakdown Instagram Inspiration Dynamite!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

In the past, when you've been out seeing the sights, exactly how much attention have you paid to the groups posing for photos.

There's one group in particular that stands out from the rest. We’re talking, of course, about

The Chinese “Da ma” generation.

Don't overlook the undisputed masters of the pose - learn some instagrammable moves from the true masters.

(if you don't know who we're talking about, just take a look at the pics below)

Check this out:

Three Chinese (one foreign) middle aged women in ballerina pose with colored scarf over shoulders at a Chinese mountain scenic observation platform.
Chinese pose pros teach you how its done. You're welcome, instagram.

And this:

6 Chinese women in joint group pose, wearing winter wear, colored scarves and rounded hats.
This is the kind of cumulative "wow" factor only group photos can achieve.

The same Chinese lady generation-X’ers seem to appear every public holiday, every long weekend. At statues and heritage sites, natural scenic spots, in China, abroad… they’re omnipresent, and they have travel photo scenes down to a science.

”Can someone like me learn these killer group poses?”, you might be asking.

Well, look no further. Just like this guy(video), we’ve been studying them, and we think we’ve cracked their formula!

Top: a young white male lying on stomach on grass, with legs in air and hands in V-shape supporting chin - imitating a common Chinese auntie photo pose.
The formula for the perfect pose - a code cracked by this gentleman.

First up, the essential Auntie group photo accessories:

1. Five or more colored silk neck scarves (must be brightly colored, tasteful), to coordinate with all backdrops and clothing colors.

A large group of chinese middle aged aunties, each holding one end of a colored silk scarf, the other end of which is tied to the neck of a sitting man in the center.
Colored silk scarves unlock endless possibilities. Get yours in Hangzhou, China.
Fashionable Chinese middle-aged auntie wearing white with an orange silk neck scarf and sunglasses.
Add some cool to those poses. Glasses and silk scarves.
Middle aged woman in white button shirt wearing sunglasses in cool judgmental pose.

2. Two or more sets of sunglasses (one dark-tint and one light-tint). Note: different sized frames mean different things to the Da ma. Big frames = “can’t touch this” cool ; small frames = “the fair maiden”.


3. Colored, rounded sunhats. At least two. Not only to keep the sun off – the ultimate in photo fashion.

GIf on man confident in silly hat.
The right hat. What insights can we glean from the aunties?
6 Chinese women in joint group pose, wearing winter wear, colored scarves and rounded hats.
The rounded, colorful hat - tried and tested instagram dynamite.

Now for the real content:

The Chinese Auntie Pose Breakdown

1,000,000+ Instagram followers? NO PROBLEM! These moves are the ace up your sleeve.

Pose No#1: The "I’m Lifting my Scarf "

four middle-aged Chinese aunties in colorful clothing posing by the seaside, three of whom are pinching an edge of a red scarf flung flung into the air.
The scarf ensures views. 1000+ per scarf.

This may seem basic at first, but don’t be fooled. Like the world cup referee who raises that little flag for a free kick, a lot goes into this pose. The essentials: stand in a line, hold your posture, lean back slightly from the shoulders and look back over your shoulder at the camera. Let your left arm hang naturally, then take grab an edge of your silky scarf together with your friends and raise it up and let that bad boy fly~. Let the scarf work it’s magic.

Pose No#2: "The Group Star Shines"

6 older chinese women wearing winter wear, joining hands in an ingenious in a star formation pose.
Practicing poses for the next group getaway - this is the group star.

From the pros:

6 younger Chinese aunties coming together to form the group star shines pose on a dead grass field in front of a large building.
Dynamic group star. Again, this is the cumulative "wow" factor the aunties do best.

This gem can be called the “The Group Star Shines”. In this move, 6 Aunties coordinate, each extending their arms to form a 6-point star. The six-point star is associated with goddesses and symbolizes protection.Rock your Facebook feed with this deadly pose.

Pose No#3:"The Great Wild Goose Flies South"

6 chinese aunties posing on apartment courtyard steps, lined up back-to breast in a pose with arms outstretched, camera-facing arm low, other arm high.
Goose titling in headwind pose.

The “Great Wild Goose Flies South” requires the Auntie to extend her arms like the goose’s wings, body tilted with their center leaning in towards the camera. On this flight the geese have been hit by a sudden headwind. You have to enter the mind of the goose for the best effect.

Pose No#4: ”Woman sitting in the Grass”

Two middle aged chinese aunties in sitting pose on grass, wearing sunglasses, colored scarf and rounded  sunhats.
Elegance ala Chinese aunties. Pose on grass, with all 3 accessories. Top points, ladies.

Inspired by Dutch impressionist painter Van Gogh’s painting "Woman sitting in the Grass", this pose is more or less just that. This move, when executed as a pair, requires a kind of delicate coordination. Remember that afternoon on the grass all those years ago, put on your maiden sunglasses, and watch the likes explode.

Pose No#5: "Greeting the Sun"

4 chinese middle aged women posing on beach in swimwear with arms raised in a V.
Salute the sun Aunty pose.

Move number 5 is “Greeting the Sun”. The key to this one is to stretch yourself up as high as you can with your arms raised in a “V”, head back as you look towards the sky, hands flat as if you’re getting ready to catch a giant beach ball falling from above.

Pose No#6: ”The Flamingo”

Flamingo to the right:

8 chinese aunties lined up back to front right side to camera doing falmingo pose with one leg raised.
The flamingo aunty pose.

Flamingo to the left:

6 chinese aunties in olored scarves and sunglasses lined up front to back, left side to camera doing flamingo pose.