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Buddhist Temples, Meditation Cave, Nomad Herdsmen Immersion & Alpine Scenic Paradises

guided Roadtrip of Southern Gansu

Discover Southern Gansu’s “Garden of Eden.”

Step into the life, land and culture of this stunning Tibetan-Chinese prefecture.

Discover the Tibetan temples of the Labrang Monastery and Saichisi temple, learn the traditional story-painting art of Thang’ka, follow an explorer’s steps to Gansu’s “Garden of Eden” of Zhagana, trace the veins of exquisite Buddhist wall murals into the heart of the religion at Anduo Hezuo Milarepa Buddhist Monastery.


All this - plus the Baishiya Karst meditation cave, nomad herding experience and more. 

Lanzhou meetup day. Explore Lanzhou’s CBD.


Lanzhou meetup day.


Meet up in Lanzhou. Check in. Explore Lanzhou CBD.


Meet up in Lanzhou on Day 1.

Make your way to the westerly city of Lanzhou. Check in at our designated hotel.

Explore Lanzhou’s CBD.


Arrive early and you can explore the Lanzhou CBD: see the Yangtze River on Zhongshan Bridge, climb up to the pagoda on nearby Baitashan Park for a panorama of the city, or eat your way through a smorgasbord of traditional ethnic snack cuisine on Zhengning Food Street.

Lanzhou. Linxia Autonomous Prefecture. Gansu Ganjia Plateau Tents/Cabins. ‘Erqia’ shepherds sling crafting experience.


Lanzhou to Linxia Autonomous Prefecture. Gansu Ganjia Plateau Tents/Cabins.


After breakfast we hit the road. Your adventure begins.

Depart Lanzhou, setting down for lunch in the self-governed Chinese prefecture of Linxia, a home of the Hui Muslim ethnic group. Be treated to Hui hospitality, eat Hui cuisine for lunch.

Finish eating, then press on into the Tibetan Autonomous region. Pass through Xiahe County to arrive at the “tent grounds”, where we will (later) settle down for the night.

‘Erqia’ shepherds sling crafting experience. Sunset.

Step onto the grasslands and follow us over to meet locals. Get acquainted, then learn an old local heritage artform – watch as the Tibetans show you how to hand-braid an “Erqia” shepherd’s sling.

Braid your own.

Afterwards, find your tent. Sit out at twilight to enjoy the open air and a stunning Tibetan highland sunset.

Plateau Sunrise. Tibetan Livestock Droving. Caving at the Baishiya Karst Caves. Hands-on Thang’ka Holy Art. To Xiahe


Plateau Sunrise. Tibetan Livestock Droving.

Dawn, day three. Get up early, sip hot coffee and watch a plateau sunrise, or sleep in (it’s up to you).

After breakfast, grab your hand made Erqia slings from the tent then walk out onto the fields for a real local livestock herder’s experience. Learn how to use your Erqia.

Caving visit at the Baishiya Karst Caves. Lunch.

Afterwards we head to caving at the Baishiya Karst Caves. These caves aren’t average – ever since the great founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Padmasambhava, known as “the Lotus-born”, came to enlightenment here 1200 years ago, these have been the sacred solitary caves at which many monks would attain their enlightenment. Arrive, meet your ‘Aka’ monk guide and follow them deep into the heart of these mysterious spiritual caves.

Return after exploring. For lunch we will try Tibetan cuisine. 

Hands-on Thang’ka Holy Art. To Xiahe.


Lunch finished, crafting begins. Head to the local workshop to learn holy Thang’ka painting together with the local students in a craftsman-guided experience. 

Arrive in Hexia County, eat an evening meal, then settle in for the night.